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// 4 hour Party Package ($700)

We offer different things for your event.

DJTaupo can sing/play music while your guests arrive.

- Sing thru out the night.

- Play party music from the 60’s thru to todays.

- Lighting and speakers provided.

- Smoke machine

- Snow machine

- Microphones

- Cordless Microphone

- Karaoke

- MC



DJTaupo can do all kinds of events such as:

Grand Opening
New Year's Eve Party
Disco Party
Fireworks Display
Halloween Party
Couture Show

Birthdays any age

21st parties


School Balls



Black Tie Event
Political Event
Award Ceremony
Annual Celebration Gala
Fashion Show

School Discos



I will learn any songs you wish me to sing.

Plus get any song you wish me to play.



$100 an hour for the DJ and after party, 

Plus 1 hour to set up and 30 min to pull down.

Extra travel costs come into it, if I have to travel out of town. I charge $100 for driving 2 hours (1 hour there and 1 hour back)


(eg. So If you require DJTaupo from 8-12,  4 hours, (they will be billed for 5 1/2 hours))


4 hours DJ                   $550.00

1.5 hours set up         $150.00

TOTAL: $700


Extra travel costs come into it if I have to travel out of town.


*Prices are always negotiable so contact us now for a chat and quote.












Call or email us to discuss all your music, lighting needs
0274 717638,
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