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Weddings DJTaupo
Weddings DJTaupo
​Call us to customize a package that works for you


What makes DJTaupo unique?
  • DJTaupo has a PDF that she sends to you that helps outline your wedding day plus sets out time frames and music for your day

  • DJTaupo has 2 rigs so she can set one rig up at the wedding then the 2nd rig up where the reception is.

  • can sing or play while your guests arrive.

  • Sings as you walk down the aisle.

  • Will learn any song ask of her to sing.

  • Works with you to have the perfect setting of background music.

  • A list of DJTaupos songs so you can choose what songs you do and don't want.

  • Allows you to add songs she doesn't have, either DJTaupo will get new music for you at no extra cost or you can give her via memory stix, CD or email.

  • Can link to your Spotify account for your music

  • Karaoke.

  • Split 2-3 songs together for your first dance.

  • Teams up with guitarist singer/song writer Tamati Cassidy to sing easy listening music for your guests while they wait for the bride & groom while they have their photos taken

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Packages Currently On Offer


// Wedding Diamond ($700)


We offer different things for your event.

DJTaupo can sing/play music while your guests arrive.

Sing thru out the night.

Play party music from the 60’s thru to todays.

Lighting and speakers provided.

Smoke machine



Snow machine


Cordless Microphone



I will learn any songs you wish me to sing.

Plus get any song you wish me to play.



$100 an hour for the DJ and after party, 

Plus 1 hour to set up and 30 min to pull down.

Extra travel costs  come into it, if I have to travel out of town. I charge $100 for driving 2 hours (1 hour there and 1 hour back)



So If the bride and groom want me from 8-12,  4 hours, (they will be billed for 5 1/2 hours)


4 hours DJ                   $550.00

1.5 hours set up         $150.00

TOTAL: $700


Extra travel costs come into it if I have to travel out of town.





// Wedding Gold ($1400)


I arrive at 12.30 set up ( 1 hour ) and have music playing for while the guests arrive.

sing/play music for when the bride walks down the aisle.

have a song for the signing of the register.

have music playing for the guests while the bridal party has there photos taken.

have music for them when they enter as MR & MRS, 

music while they are dining, 

cutting cake, throwing bouquet, groom removing garter with teeth 

There first wedding dance.

4 to 5 hour DJ/Dance for the after party.


So DJTaupo is yours for 12 or more hours


Extra travel costs  come into it if I have to travel out of town.




Everything in the Diamond wedding Package included.















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