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How long does your DJ provide music for your event?

Updated: May 1, 2018

A DJ that plays for 4 hours, hhhhmmmm how may hours do they really do?

* Remember it may take an hour to set up and an hour to pull down plus they will arrive 30 minutes

early so any issues that can occur can be dealt with. So really they are working 6 and a half hours.

* Also if they travel, (DJTaupo travels up to 2 hours), so that is each way 'WOW', so an extra 4 hours

on top of the 6 and a half hours, so really your DJ could be doing a 10 and a half hour job.

* Then sometimes your having such a great time you may ask them to stay on for another hour so that

4 hours you hired your DJ can turn into a long day for your DJ.

* Leading up to your event you may want a certain playlist or ask for eg. DJTaupo to learn a special song

to be sung so your DJ will work extra free at home ensuring that they have want you require and

learning to sing that song just right for you.

For an all day event or wedding how many hours does your DJ Actually perform for you?

Well its the same as all of the above 'BUT'!!

* So you are getting married at 1pm and would like music to be playing for your guests while

they wait, right thru to music over dinner and first dace and after party. so if the DJ arrives

1 hour to set up and half an hour early then play from 1 pm till say 12 am and then pack down

takes an hour. Your DJ has been working for 13 and half hours. BUT wait if they have traveled

from out of town say for eg. up to 2 hours, that is a 17 hour day

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